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Joe's Pizza
Italian Cuisine & Bar

About us

At Joes Pizza & Pasta, we prioritize the customer experience. As the best pizza restaurant in Fort Worth, we are always striving to make the perfect pizza, have exceptional customer service, a welcoming ambiance, and unique recipes that entice our loyal customers to keep coming back for more.

We are always listening to the feedback of the customer, in order to improve and deliver an experience worth having. Throughout several years of experience, traveling and experimentation, we have developed a pizza recipe loved by DFW residents. If you've been searching for a new Fort Worth pizza restaurant, come in to experience what makes Joes Pizza & Pasta so special!

A Very Special Thanks From a Grateful Restaurateur

I, Joe Lusha began working for my family in Carrolton and Arlington, Texas at the very first Joe's Pizza & Pasta restaurant for about 6 years. This is where I first learned to "experience cooking." Then, with my cousin's help, I opened my very own Joe's Pizza & Pasta on Bryant Irvin Rd. It became a very successful operation with professionalism, and exceptional customer service while maintaining our reputation and upholding our family name.

After selling the first store I opened with my cousin, I relocated to Connecticut where I opened my second restaurant, which I operated for 3 years. Besides greater culinary success, I also gained more experience preparing cuisine on a more upscale level. In returning to Texas in 2004, I opened Joe's Pizza & Pasta on Hulen St in Fort Worth and featured all the recipes I had acquired and developed in my travels and experiences. These factors made my menu far more extensive than the rest of the other Joe's Pizzas.

I am always practicing new recipes and innovative combinations of food, which I regularly introduce as part of my Weekly Specials Menu. The year 2021 brought along a new opportunity as I sold the Hulen street location to venture into and new and upcoming community of retail here on sycamore & summer creek. I am proud to be operating one of the only four(Arlington, Southlake, Carrolton, and now sycamore&summer creek location. ) Joe's Pizza & Pasta restaurants that are still solely operated by the Lusha family is an achievement I'm proud of. I am very dedicated to my business and will always ensure that every customer is completely satisfied. I am always thrilled when I hear my customers say things like, "Excellent food; I never had anything I didn't like or recommend to my friends."

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you wonderful people my quality food that myself and my team take pride and joy in making.

Joe Lusha